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Getting it right


It is imperative to start your puppy on the right path right from the word go ‘neuro pathways’ are formed within the brain early in your puppy's life. The period between birth and sixteen weeks is when your puppy is at its most sensitive time in life.  That is why this period is referred to as the ‘critical period’ as what a puppy learns during this time can shape it’s behaviours for life. 


An example of this could be, if a puppy had a positive experience when exposed to children at this period then the puppy would be more likely to feel at ease with children when older.  However, if the opposite were true, (ie had a negative experience with children) then you could have a dog who is fearful of children when older. The same rule applies with any early exposure to other dogs, fireworks, cars, cats etc.


This is why it is imperative to start your puppy training early and to continue with training/socialisation right into adulthood.  Avoid bad habits from day one by taking advantage of private puppy training in your own home. You do not need to wait until your puppy has been vaccinated, which means you can train your puppy and avoid bad habits developing from the very beginning.


I will show you how to train and understand your puppy's needs, so think of it as a training session for you to learn how to be a trainer.  I will help you understand what to do in all those tricky situations and will obviously show you with real time training with your puppy.  You’ll be amazed how quick your puppy learns when taught correctly in a kind, hands-off approach.


The 2 hour (approximate) session is flexible and tailored to your individual needs, meaning you will have all of your questions answered in full!






You can upgrade this Puppy Starter session into a full ‘Behaviour Modification Puppy Plan’ this usually when you already have some issues.  This session gives you step by step instructions on all we have discussed.  Think of it as a manual to keep flicking through, as there is quite a lot of information to absorb, which can be overwhelming.  However, owning a dog has its commitments, and your dog will hopefully be a loving member of your family for many many years.




  • House training.

  • Biting.

  • Time alone.

  • Socialisation.

  • Basic obedience.

  • Jumping up.

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