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1-2-1 Consultations

Bronze service

Behaviour consultations are designed for dogs that are experiencing some form of unwanted behaviour. Those behaviours can vary from destructive dogs, separation anxiety, mild aggression to basic manners and all the little bits in-between!


Many dogs do very well fitting into our domesticated world but some don’t.  Sometimes we forget we are living with a different species with a completely different communication system to us, so even with our big complicated brains we can still get it wrong.


Many behavioural problems arise from the dog not understanding what is wanted from its human.  If we don’t learn a common language then how are we ever going to guide our beloved dogs into making the right choices?  The simple fact is we can’t and we shouldn’t blame the dog for not understanding a foreign language, from a different species, if it was never taught to them in the first place.


1-2-1 behaviour consultations will help you and your dog communicate with each other.  When this is achieved, then and only then, have you got a chance to guide your dog out of unwanted behaviours.  If your dog does not understand you it will be impossible to teach the dog.


The consultation will last between 3 and 5 hours depending on how quick you and your dog learn.  We will form a communicational language for you and your dog, with step by step training instructions.  We will also target the main issues with real time training with your dog and the main behavioural issues.  All this is done with a hands off approach, so all you will need is your voice.


You will see a difference in your dog’s behaviour during my time there and you will be taught how to train and live with your dog.  You will need to be your dog’s teacher for the rest of its life and not just a one off training session. I will teach you how to do this in a kind, non abusive manner that your dog will understand, so in essence we will work with the dog but also give you the information you will need going forward with this dog and any others in the future. An absolute priceless investment.


All this will be written up into your own personalised behaviour modification plan that gives you step by step instructions, so there will be no need for you to take notes. You will also receive 6 weeks of free back-up via email or phone if things change or the plan needs adjusting to suit the changes in your dog.  It’s easy to slip back into old ways, so sometimes a quick chat on the phone can get you back on track, so always call me and remember, I want you and your dog to succeed!


Many other organisations only offer a 1.5 - 2 hours consultation, which in my opinion, is not adequate for an in-depth behavioural consultation.  My 3-5 hour Behavioural Consultation will give you and your dog the best chance to succeed. But don't take my word for it see what other people have said - TESTIMONIALS

This Bronze service is £380.00

Silver service


The silver service is as above but with a return visit usually a few hours, this is extremely beneficial when a stage by stage behavioural modification is needed. 


This would be a better choice for high level aggression cases either dog on human or dog on dog aggression, these are very common place these days and can be extremely stressful to the owners almost dictating their lives and living around the dog. 


With cases like these it will be unprofessional to just leave you to get on with it after a 4-5 hour consultation and the chances of success would be lower. 

This package is also useful for more stubborn dogs that will need more persistent behaviour modification, it is also helpful to the owners as a refresher because its very easy to go back to your old ways and if this happens then the dog will follow.


With cases like these we will get the dog to a level of training and a good language between you and the dog then within a month we will meet again to go through the next stage this will usually be in the situation the dog shows aggression we will work on potentially getting your dog to feel more comfortable around other dogs or humans a high percentage of these cases end up with us walking next to other dogs with no reaction from the original presumed aggressive dog, but please take note this doesn’t always mean your dog can run off and play in daisy fields with lots of other dogs this can take time for some dogs and is not always possible for all dogs, I have a great success rate with this package please check out the  TESTIMONIALS   to see how others have succeeded ,with this service you will get a further four weeks of backup.


Silver service is £580.00

All the above are priced to be in a 20 mile radius if outside this radius there will be a small increase to cover travel costs.

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