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Three French Bullgod Puppies

"Unleash your best friend"


Hello and welcome to Doggy Behaviour Bedfordshire's leading behaviourist.


Darren Davidson Adip.cbm M.i.a.c.e Abtc.Abt has worked with many different breeds of dog, with a variety of issues, from high aggression to plain old bad manners.  Darren achieves very high success and satisfaction rates, many of which can be seen here in the Testimonials # section .  

As well as a full time Canine Behaviourist, Darren is a member of "The Canine Behaviour & Training Society" (TCBTS) and is also registered with the "Animal Behaviour Training Council" (ABTC).  


These two organisations are the leaders in the Canine Behaviour world. We hope this should give you peace of mind that you are dealing with a fully qualified and experienced Canine Behaviourist who works to a strict code of practice, holding you and your dog's best interests at the heart of what Darren does.


Behavioural problems can arise in dogs for many different reasons and there can be numerous factors involved.  Gaining an understanding of the impact of these factors and why they cause your dog to behave in certain ways is crucial to successful long term behavioural change. This is the very reason Darren's consultations are far more in-depth than many others consultations and are generally 3-5 hours long as the root of the behavioural problem must be found to gain success.

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